Minh T. Vo

351 High Street | Medford, MA 02155 | 508-423-2199 | mvo@smartedu.net

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Minh Vo's Online Résumé - Information Systems Developer


  • 10+ years of continuous web programming for Finance, Education, IT Research & Development, eCommerce, Navigation, and Search.
  • Proven SQL and database skills dealing with large datasets (3 TB+) in a variety of DBMS platforms such as Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server.
  • Expert experience in relational database design, integration, project planning and costing, graphic design across all types of media, and user-interface design.
  • Proficient in troubleshooting/support, technical maintenance/repair and corrective/preventive action.
  • Superior work ethics: life-long learner, self-motivated, hard working, detail-oriented, skilled problem-solver, and team player.


  • Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7, Windows 2003/2008 Server, Mac OS X, RHEL 4.3/5.7, Oracle Linux 6, Oracle VM Server.
  • Primary Languages: ColdFusion, MXML (Flex), ActionScript 3, SQL, PL/SQL, CSS3, HTML 3/4/5, JavaScript [native/jQuery/ExtJS].
  • Secondary Languages: Perl, PHP, Java, C/C++, XML/RSS.
  • Databases: Oracle 10g/11g, MySQL, SQL Server, and Microsoft Access.
  • Applications/Other: ColdFusion Application Server 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, MX 6/7, 8.0, 10.0, JBoss, Apache, Microsoft IIS Web Server, Embedded Jetty and SQLite, Adobe Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Visio, Subversion, SQL*Plus, MySQL-Front, VMware, Fiddler.
  • Methodologies/Toolkits: System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), RAD, FireBreath, Fusebox 3 & 4, jQuery, ExtJS, JSON, REST, verity searching, LAMP, Oracle performance tuning, MySQL performance tuning, DBMS migrations, search engine optimization (SEO), E-R/UML modeling, Metaphone and Soundex, LWP, DBI, ImageMagick, MSN MapPoint, Google Maps, CyberSource and PayPal APIs (SOAP).


Head of Development

Advantage Data, Inc., Boston, MA [ https://www.advantagedata.com ]
May 2017 - Current

  • Responsible for Advantage Data's short, medium, and long-term technology plans to ensure we can support all of our business goals and needs.
  • Planned, budgeted, and executed full migration of Advantage Data's infrastructure to Amazon Web Services.
  • Infrastructure-as-Code using Packer, Terraform, Ansible, and AWS-CLI.
  • Continuous Integration/Deployment using Bitbucket (git) and Bamboo/Jenkins.
  • Lead larger team that includes multiple managers and their respective teams: Front-End, Back-End, SRE, Oracle, PMs

Head of Application Development, Security

Advantage Data, Inc., Boston, MA [ https://www.advantagedata.com ]
March 2013 - May 2017

  • Managed five Senior Engineers responsible for maintaining and enhancing our flagship Web-based Platform.
  • Created two-time award-winning BDC-Mid Market Loan Advantage product, winning 2017's Inside Market Data Award for Best New Market Data Product and American Financial Technology Award for Best New Technology.
  • Modernized coding standards and versioning throughout entire company.
  • Integrated Confluence (documentation), Jira (ticketing), Bitbucket (versioning). Started planning for continuous integration goals.
  • Considered Angular 2, ExtJS, Polymer, Vue, and Ember, but ultimately chose React.js as the framework and platform for Advantage Data's web application development needs.
  • Responsible for Front-End Team's accelerated training in React.js, Redux/Vanilla, Bootstrap, React-Toolkit, and D3.
  • Responsible for the creation Advantage Data's security compliance and governance.

Sr. Full Stack Developer

Advantage Data, Inc., Boston, MA [ https://www.advantagedata.com ]
March 2013 - Current

Senior Web Developer

Advantage Data, Inc., Boston, MA [ https://www.advantagedata.com ]
May 2008 - March 2013

  • Occupy a unique role that bridges Front End and Back End development teams. Can effectively assume the responsibilities of other members of the development team. 70% CF, AS3, Flex, HTML, JS/jQuery/ExtJS, CSS, SQL, J2EE, C++. 30% PL/SQL, Perl, Socket, and Shell programming, Oracle and Linux administration (Back End).
  • Architect and develop Advantage Data's Security Plugin/Authentication scheme utilizing cross-platform AES encryption, RSA, Browser Cookies, Flash Cookies, PNG Cookies, Device Identification, and NPAPI Browser Plugins (C++/.dll). The system identifies, notifies, and prevents cheating scenarios which ensure proper licensing for all active clients. Helps retain 7.2MM annual revenue and is a source of new sales leads.
  • Design and develop an Excel Add-In (C#/XLL/RTD/COM) that allows clients to authenticate and fetch live data from our web service using Excel.
  • Often asked by CEO to review tasks written off as impossible by other members of Development. Notably high success rate as solutions usually exist when willing to adopt lower-level programming/technology.
  • Provide leadership and mentoring across multiple disciplines: Development (to Interns, Jr. & Sr. Developers), Graphic/Print Design (to Marketing & In-house Graphics Artists), Operations, and Support.
  • Key member in the development of the Loan, European High Yield, and European Investment Grade products (1.34MM annually). Wrote most client-facing code as well as the corresponding management tools.
  • Develop and maintain the statistics package (PL/SQL) of the Loan Advantage product. It yields roughly half a million new datapoints a day.
  • Write scripts to scrape data from various sources: web pages, JSON services, SSL encrypted sites with authentication, emails, etc.
  • Create and support internal administration tools and dashboards that manage live and on-queue data.
  • Responsible for the administration of the Oracle database, Oracle VM servers, Mail servers, firewall, and routing when the Head of Back End Development is away.

Lead Applications Developer / Project Manager

SmartEDU, Lowell, MA [ http://www.smartedu.net ]
July 2005 - May 2008

  • Responsible for the specification, budgeting/costing, design and creation of new information systems. Development methodologies such as the System Development Life Cycle Model (SDLC), Prototyping Model, Component Assembly Model and/or Rapid Application Development Model (RAD) were considered and used.
  • Designed SmartEDU's professional development system (SmartPD) and worked on it until Version 3. Seventeen school districts and two collaboratives use this application to provide course registration and certification to their teachers. Annually, this product generates over half of SmartEDU's renewal income.
  • Provided error-free, fast and secure import and delivery of sensitive student data into the SIMSViewer application. SIMSViewer collects and hosts confidential data from many school districts in Massachusetts and generates time-critical reports. Two million records are added to this application annually and submissions are expected 3-6 times a year.
  • Developed and maintained SmartEDU's content management system. It is a multi-purpose schema (MySQL) and a handful of modules (combined CFM/CFCs, Java, JavaScript, CSS technologies) that automate the redundant and key end-user tasks. It handles everything from administrative web forms, content updates, photo storage and manipulation, file uploading, rss feeding, csv downloading, pdf storage/indexing and more without having to rewrite boring code. The framework saves valuable development time and is used extensively to run all of our custom projects.
  • Wrote Perl scripts (using LWP, HTML, DBI, and ImageMagick) to annually parse MCAS question data, reading selections, answers, and images from the DOE website into a MySQL database.
  • Handled the migration of all SmartEDU products from legacy ColdFusion servers to MX 7.

ColdFusion Developer

SmartEDU, Lowell, MA [ http://www.smartedu.net ]
May 2002 - July 2005

  • Used ColdFusion daily for application development with MySQL, Microsoft Access and SQL Server.
  • Responsible for the maintenance, end-user support, client training, and annual updating of all SmartEDU products, as well as the company website.
  • Developed SmartSURVEYS, a survey generation and analysis/charting tool used by Brockton, Triton, Metrowest, Hudson, and Wrentham Public Schools. The application took advantage of ColdFusion MX's new Java backend (which allowed for speedier and more complex data manipulation), charting features (bar and pie charts), and more reliable email management.
  • Dealt with real-time financial data processing/monitoring of Franklin's Lifelong Learning program and Foxfield Taxi's online reservation system. Coded the online payment routine using PHP and the CyberSource API.

Web Designer

SmartEDU, Lowell, MA [ http://www.smartedu.net ]
Summer 2000 & 2001


  • Computer Network Security (2013)
  • Virtual Systems (2013)
  • Digital Forensics (2013)
  • PL/SQL II: Advanced Oracle 11g PL/SQL (2013)
  • Oracle Java / Web Development (2012)
  • Database Administration III: Oracle 11g Projects (2012)
  • Database Administration II: Advanced Oracle 11g (2011)
  • Database Administration I: Oracle 11g (2010)
  • Linux (2010)
  • Enterprise Development with Flex / ActionScript 3 (2009)
  • Oracle 10g SQL Development (2007)
  • Network Security (2007)
  • Information Security (2006)
  • Macromedia Flash (2006)
  • Project-Based Information Systems (2005)
  • Relational Database Concepts (2005)
  • Digital Imaging: Adobe Photoshop (2002)



Volunteer / Personal Fulfillment

  • Asian American National Committee (2007 - present) Board member and Webmaster [ http://www.aancinc.org/ ]
  • Wrote event listener scripts for IRC that reads channel text and connects to a remote web server for processing. Scripts were written using IRC Port programming to send requests to ColdFusion.
  • Developed access control system for Malden Public Schools for use in their Reporting application. All MPS teachers and administrators use this application. Designing the security system for zero fault tolerance was a challenge.


University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA

Master of Science, Information Technology
January 2013 - present (Expected December 2014)
Current GPA: 3.9

Certification in Oracle 11g Management Technologies, Oracle Academic Initiative, Primary Instructor: Mike Cummings
Certificate program. 7 full-semester courses (21 credits) focused on Oracle database technology. Performed and documented many cases of migrations/upgrades, installations, Data Guard implementations (with and without FSFO, Observer), ASM/Grid, RMAN, Streams, Flashback.
September 2009 - May 2013 (Certificate Obtained)
GPA: 4.0

Bachelor of Science, Information Technology, cum laude
September 2001 - December 2007 (Degree Obtained)
GPA: 3.3